YouTube Music makes collaborative playlists available to everyone

Google launches another feature for YT Music before it officially replaces Play Music in a few months.

YouTube Music

Google has been working to give YouTube Music a more robust set of features now that it’s only a few months away from shutting down the Play Music app. Back in March, 9to5Google spotted collaborative playlists in a YouTube Music APK. Now, the feature has started rolling out to all users on Android and iOS.

If you want to share a playlist with friend, all you need to do is tap the more menu beside a playlist on YT Music and tap Edit. You’ll find the “Collaborate” button right next to the Privacy drop down menu — the app will then give you a link you can share with the friends you want to work with. Other music streaming applications like Spotify have long had collaborative playlists, but it’s sure a nice feature to have if you plan on using YouTube Music extensively.

YouTube Music has gained quite a few new features this past few months, including the ability to upload your personal music collection to its library. Google has also introduced in-app lyrics for the application, as well as an Explore tab to help you find new music. In May, Google launched a solution that will let you transfer Play songs to the YT Music app in one click, and it’s a feature you may want to take advantage of before the Play Music app starts shutting down in September.