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Samsung's Q1-SSD UMPC now with NAND: only $2,430


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We understand, and are even tempted by Samsung's new Q30-SSD laptop announced today flaunting that hot but pricey 32GB of solid-state NAND flash drive action. But slapping that pup into the Q1 UMPC for any reason other than the rights to another "World's First [insert product category]" placard to prop-up at trade-shows is just, well, overkill. Yeah, the Q1-SSD's instant-on media feature should now be faster (not exactly instant  judging by reviews) but is that really worth the bump from an already expensive $1200 US green equiv in Korea to $2,430 -- nearly five times the target price for this market segment!? Still, these high-capacity flash drives with lower power consumption, better shock protection, and faster data access are indeed the future of ultra-portable computing. Golf-claps all around Sammy, for this glimpse into the future.

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