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AT&T stores getting Windows Phone 7 retail materials, launch coming sooner than expected?

Nilay Patel

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Microsoft's mobile efforts may look like they're slightly in disarray after the expensive and embarrassing Kin debacle, but it looks like Windows Phone 7 may yet emerge unscathed from the chaos -- and potentially even earlier than expected, if this sheet of AT&T retail signage that's being sent out for a July 24th store overhaul is to be believed. Don't get too excited, however: we're told that cards like this have hit in July for September launches in the past -- which would line up with that hint of an October Telstra launch -- and that the "QTY: 6" label likely points to two devices, not a sextuplet. (We'd guess... Samsung and LG?) Either way, it would be a big win for Microsoft if it can manage to get Windows Phone 7 in store shelves before that promised "holiday 2010" due date -- we'll see what happens.

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