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RadioShack offers Atrix 4G for $150 on launch day, undercutting AT&T?

Sean Hollister

We'd heard rumors that Motorola's Atrix 4G would cost $150, but after AT&T priced the handset at $200 we figured they were all for naught. The Shack begs to differ: it's just revealed it will sell the modular Tegra 2 superphone on February 22nd for that original $150 price. That's with a two-year contract, of course, and a data plan on top, but that means you'll shave $50 off the sum AT&T is asking, or $20 off the combo deal with the (somewhat disappointing) laptop dock. Still, if history's any judge, we don't expect savings like this to be exclusive to RadioShack for long.

[Thanks, Andrew F.]

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