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NAMM 2013 wrap-up: Analog synths, DJ gear, loads of MIDI, mobile peripherals and more

Billy Steele , @wmsteele

We've managed to pull through music's deafening January gathering just outside of Los Angeles with our hearing still somewhat intact. The last few days have held a wealth of DJ gear from controllers and consoles to portable units. Both Moog and Korg trotted out new analog synthesizers that look quite formidable while remaining rather affordable. As expected, a truckload of wares to outfit a mobile device arsenal were on display from Bluetooth foot controllers to dual-input audio interfaces. And as always, a few surprises crept in as well -- like a MIDI guitar and fully portable, handheld DJ solution. Head on down past the break to get caught up on the happenings that you might've missed as we look for a nice quiet room to recover for a few hours.

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