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It's Tuesday, which is time for the Engadget HD Podcast and we hope you'll join us for the live recording at 8:30PM. No big news to kick off the show this week, but a good quarter for primetime rating will have to do. There is a new wireless box from DirecTV to discuss and of course Netflix, Aereo, Chromecast news -- like just about every week. We finish up with a few tidbits about TiVo, Mohu, CNNx and some content for virtual reality. If you'll be joining us, take a peek at the topics after the break and then get ready to participate in the live chat.

Prime-time TV enjoys its highest ratings since 2007
DirecTV's Genie DVR extenders clip the cord with a wireless version
Netflix speeds soar on Comcast following controversial deal
Broadcasters' backup plans for thwarting Aereo include live TV streaming
Aereo brings live TV to Chromecast on May 29th
Chrome beta for Android makes it easy to send web video to Chromecast
TiVo update lets you set recording defaults, when it isn't creating chaos
Mohu Channels wants to give cord-cutters a unified menu
CNNx lets you watch only the news you care about
Sir David Attenborough's latest wildlife show is coming to VR headsets

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