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Watch Conan O'Brien make E3 2014 into an even bigger spectacle than it already was


As if the game industry's annual trade show weren't enough of a spectacle on its own, massively tall comedian/talk show host Conan O'Brien took to E3 2014's lavish booths and talked with swaths of attendees for a hilarious recap video. He makes the rounds: luging at Sony's Project Morpheus, high-speed driving in Forza, and making childhood fantasies a reality with Nintendo's gang of ladies (not quite "booth babes," but not quite not either). Sadly, we can't get away with asking crowds of people to applaud our rock-solid run through Hyrule Warriors, but Conan does it and makes it funny. Head below for the full video, but be prepared to set aside about 10 minutes. He's thorough!