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Fitbit's activity tracking app comes to Windows Phone


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If you've wanted to use activity-tracking wearables that pair with your phone, you've typically had to use Android or iOS. Windows Phone has some third-party apps that can fill in, but they're imperfect at best. As of today, though, an official solution is at hand -- Fitbit has released its own Windows Phone 8.1 app. You can now sync trackers like the Flex, One and Zip to your Microsoft-powered device to get real-time step and sleep monitoring, complete with a step counter on your home screen if you set up the Live Tile. Other Fitbit fundamentals are also here, including food logging, leaderboards and messaging.

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The app is free, and it doesn't require a peripheral if you just want some basic tracking; getting Windows Phone 8.1 is the biggest hurdle. You'll need Bluetooth 4.0 support to make use of any Fitbit gear, however, so double-check that your particular Windows Phone is good to go (many of them are) before you start planning your fitness regimen.

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