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Facebook algorithm can recognize people if it can't see their face

Billy Steele

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A number of companies have developed photo software for facial recognition, but what happens when your face is partially hidden? What if it's completely covered up? Facebook's artificial intelligence lab developed an algorithm that remedies the issue by picking out folks with other clues. Instead of using facial features, the software can identify people using things like hair style, pose, clothing and body type. Of course, a tool like this could lend a hand in a photo app like Facebook Moments or even Google's revamped Photos software. However, it also raises privacy questions when you can be identified in a snapshot even if your face is concealed, especially if you're trying to remain hidden on purpose. Facebook's algorithm is pretty good too, identifying people with an 83 percent success rate in tests, so we'll be curious to see if it makes its way into the social network's photo galleries in the future.

[Image credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images]

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