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Twitter will reportedly nix the 140-character limit with a new product

Billy Steele

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Do you find yourself needing more than 140 characters to get your point across on Twitter? Well, you might soon have an option that allows you to be a bit more verbose. Re/code reports that the social network is prepping "a new product" that will allow users to compose and share longer tweets. Details are scarce right now, but Re/code's sources indicate that the new feature/app/etc. will enable Twitter users to post long-form musings. What's more, the company is looking into other ways of relaxing that character count by not counting links and usernames in the tally. These developments would follow recent Twitter tweaks like the "retweet with comment" feature and dropping the 140-character limit on DMs. As is the case with any rumor like this, we may never see the changes make it to the company's apps or the web, but if it does, you can expect a few more words in your timeline.

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