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CES 2019 recap: Day one

240 Hz displays and gaming hardware were the order of the day.

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Monday at CES 2019 didn't quite match the hectic pace of Sunday, but there was a lot for gamers to see. We played with Razer's Hypersense haptic feedback system and found it a bit underwhelming, but the Turret Xbox One keyboard and mouse was more useful. Alienware unveiled a 240 Hz m15 gaming laptop that will beat HP's Omen 15 to market, along with an OLED screen version and the beastly Area 51m with an upgradeable CPU and GPU. We also saw the company's 55-inch gaming OLED and found it to be "pure eye candy." There was a lot more to see including boxing robots and cat treadmills that you read about here, and be sure to stay tuned in for another big day today.

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