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Dell on the upgradable Alienware Area 51m laptop, OLED and what's next

It's going to be an interesting gaming year for Dell and Alienware.

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It's been a busy CES for Dell's Alienware gaming brand. They unveiled the most customizable laptop we've ever seen -- the Area 51m -- as well as a slim new 17-inch notebook, both of which feature NVIDIA's powerful mobile RTX graphics. And then there's OLED, which is coming to Dell's 15-inch XPS, m17 and G series machines, and it's also the star component of the huge Alienware 55 Monitor. To break down all of the news, I chatted with Matt McGowan, director of Dell's PC gaming division, on the Engadget stage at CES. The big takeaway? Dell is ready to make a big gaming splash this year.

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