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$249 is a very tempting price point, but I'm still going to wait for the 3DS Lite, which I would assume will be out around 16 months after the initial…

launch (March 27, 2011). Also, hopefully by then the hackers will find a workaround to get my R4 flash cart to work on it.

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This will be the first nintendo handheld I don't buy since the gb color(not including the dsi, xl and gb mini). I guess I've just lost interest. Not to mention the thing is just so goddamn ugly with worse battery life than a much more powerful iPod touch. There's not a single game that could change my mind, I think I've just aged out of their target demographic.
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I wouldn't bank on it. Nintendo hasn't seen initial momentum on the first rev of the device yet, let alone a decline, and the DS was on an approximate 24+ month cycle for it's major redesigns (Lite, i). I don't think there's much precedence for such rapid modification on Nintendo hardware, especially given they'll be trying to push Wii U in 2012.
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