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Apple iOS 8

by Youssow

Are Apple's latest updates rushed ?
You may have heard of the issues with iOS 8.0.1, but, am I the only one who figured out that even with 8.0.2, things haven't been better ? I never tried the 8.0.1 as I was too scared and accidentally updated to the 8.0.2, which is the worst update I ever had. Problems with Wi-fi, bluetooth, network and lags are happening every day.

Anyone know what's going on with Apple's quality control ? This doesn't look like something that would normally happen with them.
LG Enlighten (VS700, Optimus Slider, Gelato Q)

by andrewc2

How much do you hate your LG Optimus Slider?
Yeah I'm not the biggest fan but I haven't found a good deal on an iPhone 5s for Virgin Mobile yet :(
Microsoft Windows 8.1

by noloc45

HP Touchsmart 14z
I recently purchased a cheaper ($350) HP Touchsmart laptop. Its a quadcore 1.2ghz AMD that can be clocked out at 1.8ghz. It comes with a 500gb HDD and 4gb RAM.
It was SLOW but I was going back to school and needed something cheap. I then found a nice deal on a Cosair SSD on Newegg. Imagined my HDD and then put it on the SSD. BAM! Huge difference!
Startup time was like 2 mins and then for the desktop to get ready was about another minute on the HDD. When I popped the SSD in, its all within 10... Read more →

by charliez

Power line Ethernet... In a 100 year old house?
Just wondering what sort of luck I can expect, and if there's a significant difference between various brands.
Camera lenses

by coolreader

Can we request a review of a certain product?
I've been looking for a lens kit for my iPhone. I noticed that Engadget has reviewed the Olloclip which is pretty much the go to standard, but there is also a much higher end (and more expensive) option called the iPro Lens.

Anyways, for some reason, it seems to get very little exposure and I can't find more than a few reviews for it , so I just wanted to say it'd be really cool if Engadget could review it at some point, maybe when the iPhone 6 and/or 6 Plus version arrives.
OS / platforms

by RobAC

Project Ara
I was wondering, what are people's thoughts on the variety of modules for this product at launch?