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JXD S5600

by Geeny

JXD s5600?
I do not know JXD has S5600. Never heard about it.
Apple iOS 8

by dave

I can't believe Android or iOS still don't have _______!

Whichever mobile operating system you consider your favorite flavor, there’s bound to be things about it that are missing or frustrate you.

Hey, that’s one of the fun things about watching Apple and Google keynotes, right? “What will they add this year that has been missing or someone else has been doing better?”

Anyway, what is a feature that you can’t believe your favorite operating system still doesn’t have?

by chazdawson

FREE Xbox Live Gold Membership?
I purchased an Xbox one a while back and it came with free xbox live gold but now my membership is going to run out. Anyone know if it's possible to get free xbox live gold anymore? I really dont want to pay $59.99 for the membership but im hooked on it so yeah lol.

by dave

Problems with your Engadget Forums account? Read this!
Alright! So, we had a pretty crazy influx of spam this weekend. After digging around and doing a better job of locking down some things, we ended up banning around 2,500 user accounts that were created this weekend. Crazy, right?

Anyway, it’s quite possible that if you created an Engadget Forums account this weekend, you were innocently caught up in this ban.

So, are you having trouble logging into your Engadget forums account? Email me and I’ll take a look: dave@engadget.com

by olafem

Can one take 3D pictures with Samsung Galaxy?
I am wondering, I heard someone talking about taking 3D pictures with a smartphone using some special lens, does someone know anything about that?
Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (mid 2014)

by Met

Why Are Apple Haters so Vicious?
I've always really wondered about this. There are so many people I know who have never owned a Mac or an iPhone or an iPad and probably once swore by their iPod, yet utterly DESPISE Apple. Many of these people get excited when they hear of Apple's blunders and just talk **** about their successes.
Personally, I like to think of myself as a technology lover. I'll love a company if their releasing... Read more →
Motorola Moto X

by gadgetfreakonly

Confusion in buying the phone Moto G (2nd Gen) . Moto x (1st Gen)
I am looking to buy a new phone for me, I am confused as to which phone would be a good pick which is good in performance wise, has good battery backup and decent camera quality.
I already have a S3 phone and I am looking to have another phone for me and I am confused among the two phones which I should buy, I will be keeping the S3 with me only along the one which I will buy.
These are the phones which I am really confused with
Moto G (2nd Gen) Black, with 16 GB
Moto X (16 GB) Black
It would be... Read more →

by dave

FYI: Engadget Forums are currently down
We've taken to Engadget forums down for a bit while we investigate some issues related to a high rate of spam hitting the site.

We'll update when we have more info. Thanks for your patience!

by dave

#AskEngadget: Ask your questions here!
Ask Engadget is a recurring series where you ask fellow Engadget readers your most pressing technological questions. It's time for us to put some new questions together!
Tweet us your questions using #AskEngadget or post your questions below and we'll pick a few to feature on the main page in the near future.
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  • Best wireless trackball mouse?
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  • How can I bring WiFi to my shed?
  • Best entry-level 3D...
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