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Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2

by easylifelove

Mobile Seguridad dispositivo usando la tecnología Bluetooth
por Rita auriculares bluetooth en China
Si bien todavía se está estudiando el tema de la seguridad móvil teléfono, muchos expertos coinciden en que el uso de la tecnología Bluetooth puede reducir sustancialmente muchos riesgos para la salud. Un auricular de Bluetooth en China a menudo sólo utiliza 1 / 1.000 de la potencia que un teléfono móvil debe utilizar. Durante el uso de la tecnología Bluetooth, no eres tan expuesto a los efectos secundarios celulares como lo sería cuando usted... Read more →
Kensington Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Microphone

by easylifelove

Mobile Phone Safety using Bluetooth Technology
By Rita
While the subject of Mobile Phone Safety is still being studied, many experts agree that using Bluetooth Technology can substantially reduce many health risks. A Bluetooth Headphone in china often only uses 1/1000th of the power that a Mobile Phone must use. While using Bluetooth Technology, you are not as exposed to the cellular side-effects as you would be when you are holding the Mobile Phone to your ear. Most Mobile Phones have Bluetooth Technology making it easy to use Bluetooth... Read more →

by beanum

I am ready to purchase a 4K TV around 80"
I am going t buy a 4K TV looking for something around 80" +- a little. Not sure which one to go with. I have been researching for sometime and am stuck between Sony XBR-79X900B and the Samsung 4K UHD HU8550. The Samsung is 6" bigger and doesn't have those huge speakers on the side that Sony has which is nice. The Sony specs make me think it may have slightly better picture quality. Any guidance from someone more Tech Savvy then my self would be much appreciated
Fitbit Flex

by biermann

Customer Services Is Nonexistent
I received two Bitfit Flexes for Christmas, but I can't sign on the website to set either up. Corporate fail. I learned my lesson.

by jerryshaw

Which is the best asset management software?
I have small business setup and in need to manage my assets and specially vehicles tracking and fleet matters, here I would invite the best software suggestions and experiecnes. I have heard about fleet management software powered by Vinity Soft Inc. (http://www.vinitysoft.com) If anybody has experience with this software or some other best one please share.

Your views 'll be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
BlackBerry Q5

by DanCooper

How would you change the BlackBerry Q5?
Your humble narrator doesn’t review too many gadgets, so it’s always a treat when one hits the How Would You Change timetable. In my mind, the BlackBerry Q5 was the company’s most important new device simply because it would show if BlackBerry could recapture its low-end dominance. After all, the Q10 and Z10 were aimed at business types with broken Bolds, the Q5 was for teenagers and budget-conscious... Read more →

by Ruth

How do I send a photo from my Jitterbug to my computer?
Pebble Watch

by jakechazan

Shipping and Customer Service
One of the things that reviewers should really look at is not just the technical aspects of a product. There are a million guys writing about that and it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between them.
Equally important are some of the customer service aspects, like shipping. I ordered a Pebble which was being shipped to Canada. The item was shipped from Singapore (hey, I didn’t know that until after I ordered. Duh, sort of a useful piece of information for some of us) on December 2nd .... Read more →