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by johncolucci

Facebook Messenger: Give in, or say goodbye
Last month, Facebook announced that users would need to download a separate Messenger app if they wanted to continue exchanging messages on their phone. (Our story: http://engt.co/1mWcRv8)
The social media juggernaut says the goal is to make Messenger "the best mobile messaging experience possible," but for the most part, this shift has angered users who don't want to be forced into using yet... Read more →
Fitbit Flex

by DanCooper

How would you change the Fitbit Flex?
Fitbit is one of the most well respected names in the quantified-self space, so we expected a lot of the Fitbit Flex. When we put the device in front of Terrence O’Brien, he found that it wasn’t the most feature-packed, or the flashiest, but certainly the most well-rounded device on the market. That was despite the fact that the Nike Fuelband had a better display and the Jawbone Up had a better mobile... Read more →
Memory cards

by freelife2014

Memory SD card,any good recommend pls?
My Memory SD card is broken,any good recommend pls?
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

by mullerjoe

Trying out the Surface?
This is one for all you UK citizens out there.

Does anyone know where I could try out a Surface Pro 3 with the stylus? I'm umming and erring about buying one, but it all rests on the stylus UX..

I assumed there would be somewhere in London, but any places I've found just have the tablet out stand alone.



(That said, does anyone have any comments on the stylus feel for general notetaking?)

by kris

Show off your tech tees!
As someone who's worked in various tech- and gaming-related jobs, it should be no surprise that I've accumulated a few tech- and gaming-related tees. Well, more than a few. Okay, a lot. I have a lot of tech tees in my drawer. Actually, I have a lot of t-shirts in general. But not all tees are created alike -- some t-shirts just get worn more than others, either because of the occasion (concerts, conventions, parties) or because I just like some of them more.... Read more →

by kris

How would you fix Swarm/Foursquare?
Back in May Foursquare announced that they were splitting their app into two, keeping place recommendations with the Foursquare while shunting check-ins over to a new app called Swarm. Now that the summer's almost over and we'd all had a few months to adjust to this new way of doing things, how's it going for you? Did you even install the new app, or are you holding out as long as... Read more →

by Jooeeyy

Whats your record?
I just played the new game Like A Boss... Thats a really cool mix of minigames and a simple game idea.
My Score is 451.. Whats your Highscore?

If you dont know what I mean:
Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O.7

by Badjoker2

won't recommend
Love the mmo7, its feels great, but after a few months of gameplay it started laging and double clicking ,so i compared it against the Gilla GX my friend has, the gilla is a bit cheaper with more dpi and has a great feeling in gameplay. I loved the R.A.T 5 more than the mmo 7.

by frankspin

Are speed reading apps all they're cracked up to be?
I have to admit, I'm a pretty slow reader. No matter how much I read or try to improve on my own, it never changes. This plays a big factor in why I choose to not read as many books as I'd like to, they just take too long for me to finish. With the recent onslaught of speed reading apps I'm beginning to wonder if this will solve my reading problems.
I'm not looking to get to ludicrous speed in... Read more →