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April 5th 2014 4:05 pm

Amazon Fire TV apps

If you were to use Amazon Fire TV SDK and develope an app or a feature... What would it be?? Basically put... What feature of your android phone would you want see on a bigger screen

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That's just the thing: I've often lamented the fact that Google TV development has - for all intents and purposes - completely halted. But every time I really think about it, I can't come up with many types of apps that I'd want for my TV. I sit in front of my TV for one of three things: watch TV, watch movies, or play games.

There are countless ways to watch TV and movies on any number of boxes, and a large number of ways to play games. Beyond that, I'm going to need a developer far more creative than I am to think up an app that would actually be useful on a TV.

The problem is that most apps I could think up would be far more user friendly and intuitive on the phone in front of me.
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I have to agree with Dignan17 on this. The only things that i can come up with are apps for watching shows. Apps like Hulu Plus and Netflix.

I would like to see an app for Spotify, Google's music & video services. I would like to an app to watch podcasts. But for the most part what want is one device that lets me see all of my content from all services in one box and i just don't see that happening any time soon.

I would like something that would play Ultraviolet media, iTunes media, & Google media.
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The funny thing about Fire TV is that Amazon admitted it's running Android and will support Android & HTML. So any current app in their store will probably be moved over. So it's really hard to think about single app that I'd want because it likely exists, further if it doesn't exist I probably have a device already in my home theater set up that will supplement it.

Much like the Fire tablet line, I just don't get the Fire TV. It's $99 and doesn't offer nearly the features of competitors. Sure pre-loaded content for faster starting is nice, but it's ONLY Amazon.
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I'm not sure what you mean. Voice search is not offered on any other box, neither is the speed with which amazon fire tv performs. It's near instantaneous. No other box offers the same gaming options either. In terms of content, it offers or will offer by the end of this year every major content app. I would say the best boxes to buy in order are the fire tv, roku 3, then I guess Apple tv if you have iTunes content already.
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> Voice search is not offered on any other box

I rarely, if ever, use voice commands. I just don't like them so this is a non-issue for me

> neither is the speed with which amazon fire tv performs

FireTV loads shows fast, but only Amazon content. All other content loads as it would on any other device.

> No other box offers the same gaming options either. In terms of content, it offers

I have a PS3, 360, vita, and my phone. My phone can likely play any game the FireTV offers, and further I don't care to play a blown up mobile game on my TV.

> will offer by the end of this year every major content app

My Roku has every major content app I could need right now, so why buy this and have to wait?
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Whether you use it or not, voice search is a unique feature and it works very well. In terms of playing games on ps3 etc. I don't see that as a comparison, especially since those devices were created to play games and cost significantly more. No one is deciding between a 360 or a Phone and an amazon fire tv. Compared to the roku, the gaming is a nice feature as it cheaply offers a wide variety of casual games that can easily played on the big screen. I think that's a big plus to families.

I also have roku 3, but despite the plethora of channels (I have around 300 installed) I have used the roku only once since I got fire tv. The average user primarily watches the main apps that are already available on fire. The rest on roku are fairly niche. I think the fact that content, not apps are front and central also makes it easier to start watching something right away. On the roku, you tend to browse channels and by the time I'm done, I'm not really anymore sure what I want to watch.

I would say fire is fast in general. Roku 3 is the only comparable device in speed. If you already have a roku 3 I don't think you're going to rush out and buy a fire tv, it's nice, but not necessary. However, if you have any other streaming box, the fire is an excellent choice and I do think many choose it over the roku 3 for the features that differentiate it. Once they finish implementing voice across all major apps, I don't see why anyone would choose the roku. Voice search is just far more convenient, fast and dead accurate.
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