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March 26th 2013 7:05 pm

Gdgt Score of 74 on the TiVo Mini

So I've read every single critic review on the TiVo Mini and wrote one of my own on the Amazon listing. Since all/most of the six critic reviews posted don't include a score, they've concluded that each reviewer rates the Mini a 7.0. I'm a bit confused. For example, Ed Baig from USA Today's article is titled, "Why Mini may make you fall back in love with DVR". I would conclude from Ed's review that he thinks the Mini is at least an 8.0 and probably a 9.0. I personally think the TiVo Mini in its current state is at least an 80... I gave it 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Once TiVo implements Dynamic Tuner Allocation (DTA) and adds Amazon and Netflix Apps, the Mini will be a lot higher. Anyway, I think a gdgt score of 74 doesn't truly reflect the true value of the TiVo Mini as a TiVo thin-client extender. I would also add that the general feedback on the Mini technology on the TiVo Community Forums (TCF) is very positive. The only continuous complaint is the subscription requirement from many posters and the lack of support of the 2-tuner TiVo boxes. I will post a user review here on gdgt.

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