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May 9th 2014 8:39 am

How would you change Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet 2?

When it comes to Windows laptops, Lenovo has the knack of making some of the best. It’s a talent that the company has put to good use in its tablet and hybrid devices, like the ThinkPad Tablet 2. When we reviewed it, we’d have handed it an editor’s choice -- if we did that sort of thing. Great battery life, fantastic keyboard dock, a great pen and wide viewing angles, what more could you want? Admittedly, the Bluetooth was a bit wonky, Pen support too, and the USB port didn’t support external drives, but was that enough to turn you away? This is How Would You Change, where we ask people to... well, clue’s in the name, really.

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I would like it to be able to autorotate when the VGA adapter was connected. This way I could be projecting with it while having it resting on the keyboard upside down since the connector was on the bottom edge. It is such a minor thing that completely stopped me from using it.
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The design of this puppy was sound, however, the sad performance of Atom's iGPU was what drove me away. Lenovo did not has much choices back then and have to stick with Intel. Now, AMD has an APU, aka, Mullins, that can bring reasonable graphic performance to Windows tablets. Hopefully, Lenovo will have a SKU that is powered by Mullins in the ThinkPad 10. But, knowing Intel, they prolly will not allow such a thing happens.
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I've had one since it came out. I love it except: eMMC is ridiculously slow, 35MBps write, 85 read. Should be more like 250/150. I use desktop apps exclusively and would like screen resolution to be 1600x900, 1920x1080 would make menu text too small. WiFi never connects faster than 72Mbps, Bluetooth keeps dropping connections, USB should be 500mA not 100 which keeps rejecting some memory sticks as high power.
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This is an easy one. I've owned the Tablet 2 since it came out and like everyone else the design is good but the performance is mediocre at best. Lenovo moved too quickly and settled for Intel's Clovertrail Atom processor. That processor has terrible GFX performance and marginal general computing power. Just upgrade this thing to the new Baytrail processor. The GFX performance is much better (even providing 1920x1080 video) and the general computing power is also much improved.
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My company uses these. I have already been through two of them. The mini USB connector on the tablet bends very easily and will wear down eventually making it impossible to plug in to power. I don't like the keyboard angle. As well as having only one angle.
I think that it is too thin. I prefer tablets to have a little meat to them for grasping better. I think the pen is kind of useless. But that's with any tablet that has Windows. Trying to pin point your pen taps so that you can close an application is cumbersome.
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