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March 28th 2014 6:12 am

How would you change the Nexus 10?

It’s a 10.1-inch tablet with a 2,560 x 1,600 display, and that’s all we need to know. Google’s Nexus 10 may have been the Galaxy Tab that everyone wanted, but what did our reviewer think of it? Sadly, strapping a laptop-class display onto a tablet did for the device’s battery life, making it last around three hours less than its closest rivals. Did that deter you from buying one? We doubt it, so why not share your feelings.

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Honestly, I would only want to add a Wacom Active Digitizer and a Micro SD card slot, but since it's a Nexus device, I highly doubt it will get expandable memory...
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Plus SIM card slot would be great
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Truth, but since it's promoted as a media device it should have SD, or they should offer a year of Netflix or Google drive or something for free.
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Portrait optimized: Using a portrait device in landscape looks and feels much less awkward than using a landscape device in portrait and generally speaking, Android in landscape isn't a great experience.
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I honestly think the Nexus 10 was before its time. Around that time I was developing Android apps, and that was the turn of things towards high DPI screens.

Android wasn't (and still isn't in my opinion) the best experience on a high resolution screen. Not many apps were designed with assets for that tablet.

I guess that doesn't really answer your question. If I was being nit-picky, I would have designed the tablet to be more of a vertical orientation tablet than a landscape one, as I use my tablets mostly for reading
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I think it had more of a focus landscape because it was marketed as a movie/TV show watching device.
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USB 3.0, better battery life and faster charging. I could also get behind an active input pen. Oh, and a Snapdragon 800/something in the 2+ gigahertz range processor.
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I wanta wacom stylus 3gb of ram and magnetic keyboard w/ 8-10hr battery life
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It's a great Tablet. Unlike some, I don't believe there is a need for an SD card slot. What this Nexus 10 needs is a Wacom Digitizer.

Android + Wacom Digitizer + Evernote = Awesome
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I bought this when it came out, I think the battery last long enough for California to Ireland trip! I love the display and pureness of this nexus tablet. My only complaint would be the weight of the device, it feels a little heavy after holding it for awhile. Also after using my nexus 5 a lot, coming back to my nexus 10 seems sluggish. I know it's not though, its just the comparison between new and old I guess.
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While longer battery life would have been nice, the thing that always bugged me about mine was how slowly it charged. If you were using it for anything intensive (video or especially a high graphic game) the battery won't even budge while plugged in.
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Faster battery charge. maybe an sdcard would of been nice, but 32 gb is more than plenty.
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Quite frankly, this tablet was a breakthrough in ever aspect at that time. Unbeatable screen res, fatty ram (compared to the iPad 4 at the time...or even the iPad air currently), decently light (again compared to the iPad 4), and extremely cheap at only 399. Now though if I could change it, thinner bezel, micro sd card slot, ir blaster, larger battery, white options, unibody aluminum, flexible display...no...clear flexible display...no...clear flexible 8K display, Dual 4K 41MP cameras on the back with OIS and Optical Zoom at no thickness sacrifice, Holographic Keyboard, and (probably the most far-fetched idea of all) dual boot. That wasn't asking for much right?
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Don't forget the car starter and the kitchen sink
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Youre insane! Lets be real here
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Wireless car starting apps are real. I'm guilty of that one.
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* kitchen sink/tablet convertible is in development.
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Samsung built the 10 with specs outpacing everything in it's class and for a competitive price. I hope if there ever is another, it will continue that model of being ahead of it's time.
It took about a year for another mass market tablet to match it's graphics. It's great for gaming.
-Micro SD would be nice, but when I decide to take movies or any excess media with me, I plug in the OTG adapter. I prefer streaming when available, so not a big issue.
-I would've liked better followup accessories. 6-pin chargers, keyboards and docks?
-The volume buttons are awkward when switching orientations.
-Keep the soft homekeys.
-No more random restarts, please. They are rare and it picks up where it left off, but still...
-This is far fetched, but having metal inside for magnetic mounting would be convenient, though maybe a challenge for heat dissipation. I slip metal into my phone and tablet cases for this purpose.
-Rounded metal corners and edges that are comfortable, durable and don't wear away with handling. Maybe that's going too far.

I can't nitpick much more than that. Battery life is "below par" in tests, but i can use it all day and night without needing a charge. Charging on a 2amp works fine even when in use.
I guess if a new nexus10 gets made, I'd like to be impressed as I was with the current one.

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Yeah, a keyboard dock sure would have been nice.

I never had an issue with random restarts. Although, I did have issues with it freezing and requiring a reset sometimes. That was rare and hasn't happened at all since updating to 4.3.
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i have one. i think it is perfect, for play and productivity it is smooth and beautiful.
the only issue beside battery is lacking the 3G/LTE connection. i miss it on the go.

i hope google would add LTE to the next nexus 10, speaking of upcoming nexus, i am a fan of big screen, and i mean really big screen, imagine nexus 12 or even nexus 14. :D
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3 gigs of RAM instead of 2 (because one gig is eaten away by the GPU)

Full HD resolution instead io Ultra HD at the same pixel density (if possible)

LTE or at least 3G capabilities

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Battery is fine for me, except the bloody slow charging. Very happy with the device, only a few things I'd change, would love it if it had a micro sd, thinner bezel and harder material for the back (feels cheap, pressure can make the screen wobble a bit).
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More ram and battery life plus an active digitizer.
The things I do not like that probably cannot be changed are:

Stock android is a bit less featured for a 10 inch tablet.
And its less "portrait friendly" with its shape and screen aspect ratio.
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SD card slot, better battery life. No massive firmware bugs (duh) better design a bit thinner and made of glass. Perhaps a water resistance or proofing.

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An extra gig or 2 of RAM, an increase in charging speed, default portrait mode vs landscape. Minor things really when you think about it. I'd like a Micro SD card slot only because it would be one less "cable" for me to carry around (OTG adapter.) I do like the idea of the Wacom Active Digitizer as a few people mentioned.
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Better integration with covers - the non-standard ones are not giving it full credit as as state-of-the-art gadget
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1 First and foremost, get LG, Asus or HTC to make it.
2 Remove the Exynos and replace it with at least a Snapdragon 800
3 add a mSDXC card slot
4 better materials for better build quality. Read: Less plastic.
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- Thinner, lighter and smaller, matching Samsung's 10.1 Pro dimensions and size
- Reduced charging times
- Better battery life

Dreaming, as in not going to happen

- microSD slot
- portrait-friendly: I just don't get why all large Android tablets have to be landscape-oriented first. Ideally, change aspect ratio to 15:10 or even 4.3... stepping into fantasy land now
- 32GB as baseline storage. I know manufacturers keep milking customers with memory increases, but come on, it's 2014 already.

Anyway, if they manage the first three bullet points for the same price as the original Nexus 10, I'll be getting one.
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I think landscape default is the best for a tablet of this size. At 10" it is the ideal tablet size for watching video which is best in landscape. I also wouldn't want the aspect ratio to change. 16:9 is perfect for video content.
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Well, I use my tablet mainly for reading and browsing and I really appreciate the larger screen. I understand that 16:10 is better for video and the iPad Air probably would fit my needs best, but I really prefer Android.

Regardless, have you seen the new Samsung Pro 10.1? It basically matches the iPad Air dimensions and I'd have no trouble whatsoever holding that in portrait irrespective of aspect ratio. I'd love for the new Nexus to be like that, the difference being stock Android of course :)
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Honestly, Just give me a magnetic keyboard with a battery in it (like the asus transformer tf300) and faster charging and I would literally have zero complaints. 32gb is more than enough space, and I have NEVER felt the thing lag.
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I've had one for about a year and I love it. The only thing I wish was better is the battery life. I really wouldn't mind if it were a bit thicker for a bigger battery (same goes for my phone.). And as someone else mentioned, better support with accessories. I waited and waited for an official cover and final bought a 3rd party cover that works fine. I also bought a 3rd party pogo charging cable, and that did seem to improve the charging time, but that cable should have been included! But really, after a year it shows no signs of aging (in the sense that there is something else on the market that is enough better to make it feel dated). And I LOVE getting Android updates without waiting for the manufacturer or carrier to muck with the code. My next phone will be a Nexus 5 (or 6 by the time I get it).
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SD Card slot, make it lighter, Edge-to-Edge display (or at least thinner borders)
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I really like my Nexus 10. I would add a sd slot, maybe add a stylus ( less finger prints), and now that it's a couple years old, bump the processor up. I use it for watching tv / movies, occasional games, etc. Battery life is plenty for my usage... i get 4 to 6 hours... only time that it was an issue is watching back to back football games with the sunday ticket app.
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I would not sell it with defective flash memory, and I would have the basic integrity to offer repairs and replacements on said defective hardware, warranty-term be damned. Though perhaps I'm sore over the fact that mine - which I'd bought back in November 2012 - hardbricked yesterday after a long downward spiral. Basically, there had been issues with it throughout its first, warranty-covered year, but nothing so serious that I thought a return was necessary. It rebooted rather often, yes, and Chrome - for reasons that eluded me - never worked well, but I chalked it up to run-of-the-mill software instability. I loved the screen, I loved the OS (it was my first Android device). When it worked - which was most of the time, if not all - I loved it. Then early this year, it bricked for the first time, thanks to an endless reboot loop - I ultimately had to flash it back to factory settings using the ADB and Fastboot (after a pointless trip to Best Buy's Samsung store, courtesy of bad advice and incorrect information from Google and Samsung's customer service - they claimed they could flash it for me, but they couldn't). For a while, it worked normally; but then again, it started crashing with increasing frequency. Various Google Apps - Google Play Services, then Chrome, then Settings - would trigger a reboot seconds after being opened. I factory-reset again. And again. Until yesterday, when it entered a death boot-spiral from which it couldn't escape. Flash as I might - factory images, TWRP recovery, PAC-man ROM, etc - nothing took. After hours of trawling the internet, I determined that the culprit was most likely defective EMMC, probably in the System partition (seeing as how it was the system apps that were deteriorating).

Moral of the story? Never buy something made by Samsung. Buy Nexus devices only warily.
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I have no complaints about Nexus10 sans one.. BETTER COOLING. The only problem I have ever had was overheating when playing game and sometimes watching 1080p video. It would lockup and shutoff, the upper center back was too hot to hold. This happened more than once.
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Well since everyone already mentioned the technical aspects, I'll just put my 2 cents in from an HCI perspective.

I'd just the rectangle bubble form factor and straighten out the sides. I know its meant for ergonomics but it seems it does not provide much of a comfort difference.
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The bars on the top and bottom of the screen are really annoying and they take up a lot of space. In landscape mode the screen appears so much smaller when compared to Ipad 2. Samsung should have combined the 2 bars into a single bar so the screen is optimized for landscape use. Another issue is the horrible battery life. I can't believe it lasts just 2~3 days max while my old trusty ipad 2 managed up to 7 days! Lastly the ergonomics not good. It feels bulky due to the curve profile. I also noticed the red and green colours on the screen look pale. Otherwise the screen is almost perfect.
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Aesthetically its ugly. Missing Sd card slot is not good. Ram needs to be higher. ppi is low for a 10 inch device. This thing should be redesigned by professionals and the fans who would want to buy the perfect tablet, like the guys over at OnePlus are doing for the One phone - Fan designed, OnePlus built.
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ppi low? ppi is 300 ipad is 264. samsung galaxy note 10.1 is 300. and remember that this tablet came out before 4k was a tangible thing for tablets....
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At the time, this tablet's ppi was a breakthrough in display tech. Even today, it still rivals the displays of 7/8 inchers like the HDX's (339), Nexus 7's (323), and iPad Mini's (326). Oh whoops, didn't read the whole sentence : "for a 10 inch device". iPad Air - 264ppi, Lumia 2520 - 218ppi, Note 10.1 - 298ppi, Surface 2 - 206ppi. I'll change my statement too : Even today, it outruns the displays of the most popular tablets in it's size range. Clearly you do not know your facts.
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Ugly? Really? I thought it looked great. Much better than the first Nexus 7 and pretty much everything else from Samsung.
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