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June 25th 2013 5:55 pm

I don't think Flex worth that much, because...

Fact: I drive my car yesterday for 1000km. the Steering wheel of my car shaked all the time (not too bad actually, just a little). After the day I had checked my "Dashboard"......and I saw "27500+ steps" and "5000+ Kcal burned".....

I think, with this "fact", most of you will notice "how Flex works". ;)

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FitBit claims they test their products for people driving and riding buses. Normally driving is a smooth motion and that is what the device expects. If your steering wheel is shaking, t would make sense to trigger steps on the device.

Realistically there are 2 options here:

1. Get the alignment on your car checked. If you are doing such long road trips with a steering/suspension system that is not properly functioning, you are causing premature wear on your car which may cost you a lot more money in the long run.

2. Take the fitbit off while driving.
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Please clean up the language. Make it coherent. I'm not here to be a grammar nut, but sounding like a 10 year old isn't good.

Post a review of the flex. That's a better use of this website than just posting general thoughts on your gadgets.
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