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May 8th 2012 8:00 am

is out in the wild

ubuntu 12.04 is out as of apirl 25, 2012 and is a LTS

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Yes it is. I upgraded my work machine, which was iffy to say the least. (Realistically if it was any of my machines I would have gone fresh install)

On boot now there are a few errors most likely relating to nVidia drivers on my Quadro card, and it still seems to have slight issues with multiscreen displays. The errors on boot don't seem to affect anything once I am up an running.

Once I fixed my PATHs and permissions after upgrade I seem to be running again.

Taking a step back from my personal experience, I honestly don't think Linux is still ready for the mass consumer market. It takes great google skills or knowledge to fix anything that goes wrong. As powerful as the terminal is, 95% of users will never touch one ever, and be okay. If Linux wasn't such a good development environment, my work machine would easily be OSX or Windows.
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