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June 7th 2011 7:34 pm

Minecraft + Wii U?

via @aaron:

How amazing would this be?

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I don't even play Minecraft, but I'd probably buy a Wii U just for this. Seems like the perfect form factor for this game. Though this probably sounds like I'm being arrogant, but really, the Nintendo generation-behind graphics should go well with the minimalist graphics of Minecraft. I think it would be a great match.
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I have a wii u and Nintendo has upgraded its graphics card. Also Mohjang has officially announced that this will come to the wii u and possibly wii.
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Holy crap. That would be pretty damn awesome.

I couldn't think of a single reason to get the Wii U but this idea changes that. Of course, I won't go buy one until this is a reality but... this really would be a selling point for our household.
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I think it'd be the only reason to buy a Wii U!
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Add weight to the WiiU Controller for an additional work out!
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So amazing! This needs to happen.
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It makes sense to me. Work on your creation with the controller and then show it off to others on the big screen.

This style of create and play would work great with something like Mario Kart track creation, custom Smash Bros. maps, etc.
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Makes perfect sense, Nintendo specializes in low-res games that aren't easily played with others. Hiyoooooo.
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