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July 5th 2009 8:15 pm

So many good memories!

It tickles me pink to see this appear on gdgt.

And it makes me miss it so bad.

Sometimes the simplest games were the most fun!

Ah, so many good memories.

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I still have mine hooked up to my TV! :)

I was missing some parts, but managed to find them.

I found an official atari AC adapter at a flea market a couple of years ago ($0.50). I got an old TV hookup (the Game/TV thing) at a clearance bin in a hardware store a few months ago still in its original packaging! ($2) The rubber band around the cord had dried up and broken apart.

I picked up another adapter at Radio Shack to hook it to my cable input and it works great. My parents bought this when I was three!

Now if you'll excuse me... I got some invaders from space to take care of. :)
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Atari fans unite! :-)

Some of my favourites were Chopper Command, Bezerk,, Pacman and not forgetting Asteroids.
Fact: My sister actually played Asteroids until her score was 9999, it then went to 0! She wrote to Atari telling them about this amazing feat and they sent her a special badge!

Other games such as 'Yars Revenge' were just stressful! Or maybe I was just no good...
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Yes, I remember overrolling the score on Asteroids on several occasions. One of my fondest memories was the movie to video game adaptation of "Krull". To this day I think it is still the only "good" movie --> video game adaptation that I have played.
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The Atari 2600 was the only gaming system that I ever owned!!!

Gotta love the stickmen used in the basketball and bowling games.

And although I remember playing it for hours, the game based on the band Journey, I think, I never understood what the plot of the game really was. Good times indeed!
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I miss the 2600. A joystick with one button and blocks on the screen, and we thought it was the best thing ever! I played Pitfall, Berzerk and Yar's Revenge for hours! Even that crappy port of Pac-man was a big hit with my friends and me. Two games I owned and never understood were ET and Adventure. ET is considered one of the worst games ever released, and I can see why. Adventure was probably great, and I was just bad at it.
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This was my first system. I thought it was the newest thing out, and loved that games were so cheap (we got one after the video game crash). As a matter of fact, when i first got an 8 bit system, I was astonished that the game prices were so high - I was used to paying $5 for an Atari cartridge!

My brother and I would play Combat till the wee hours.

PacMan kind of sucked but we played it anyway. I enjoyed Maze Craze, Solaris, Football, Baseball, and Pole Position ....

My Atari finally crapped out well into my NES era, not too long after Mario 3 came out. A sad day indeed.
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Anyone remember what this thing cost brand new? Trying to remember what my dad paid for it.

Man my cousin and I would spend hours playing all those old games...till our eyes were bloodshot and bugging out. Then my dad would be like gtfo and go outside!
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This was my first console, too. Still have it and it still works (though hooking it up is like trying to spread a virus to an alien computer with a Macbook). I think it's amazing that the pack-in with the console, Combat, is still one of the funnest multiplayer games ever made. Chopper Command, Mountain King, Atlantis, Riddle of the Sphinx... man I love my Atari!
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I think it was about $150 brand new, and perhaps a little for the Sears-branded version. The cartridges were around $12. My all-time favorite was Adventure, which I now play on my iPhone :)
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This device belong in the hall of fame as the game system that brought the genre mainstream and changed the lives of many people in the industry now.
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In our upstairs loft, I had our 2600, NES, SNES and N64 all out on display. We recently remodeled, and my wife told me I had to put all the games away. I told her I would put away everything but the 2600, and it's proudly the centerpiece of our entertainment center.

I still play it once a month or so. My favorite game is Adventure, and I still haven't beaten level 3. Whenever my friends come over, we always have a Boxing tournament. Haunted House used to scare the bejeezus out of me (of course I would put it on the hard mode, turn off the lights and turn up the sounds.) I'm convinced that back in they day, nobody could beat me at Bezerk or Indy 500.

I still have no clue how to play Riddle of the Sphinx or Swordquest: Earthworld. I guess now that you can find everything on the internet, I'll have to look them up and give them another go.
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It's the game console I most played with my parents until the Wii came out! Playing this now with the huge 3 pixel characters is so awesome! I love it...
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Best Atari game for me by far was Superman.

You had to round up Lex Luther's gang, go above ground and through subways, and kiss Lois Lane everytime you got stung by kyptonite. Her leg would cock like a spaniel and you'd be back to normal. Hilarious.
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So I just dug ours out of a box. Seems operational but I need an adapter to get the video to a modern TV.

Also in the box. Our "Pong".

My dad and his buds used to call the Sears Outlet on Buford Highway (Atlanta) the "Junk Store".

If memory serves both the Pong and the Atari came from the Junk Store, several years apart. I do remember my dad waited in line somewhere to get us the Pac Man cartridge when it came out. 1979 or 80.
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