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March 23rd 2010 8:05 am

This makes perfect sense

After all, the last time Nintendo made a 3D portable gaming system it went off like gangbusters and made them eleventy zillion dollars: gdgt.com­/nintendo­/virtual­-boy/

Seriously though, I'm very curious to see what the deal is with the 3DS. As some of you may know, I'm highly skeptical of 3D (in its current forms, anyway), and so far I've yet to see any implementations able to make me shake the feeling that it's just a new dressing for an old fad.

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Perhaps I'll be proven wrong, but I'm highly skeptical at the moment. Personally, I've been less than impressed with any of Nintendo's "innovations" in the last decade or so. And the mention of 3D does little to convince me that the company has learned to look past gimmicks that look good in commercials, but do little to enhance the actual experience of using the device.

My phone is quickly becoming my go-to portable gaming platform, and 3D (even if it's implemented flawlessly, which it almost certainly won't be) does almost nothing for me to justify spending an additional $200 on a dedicated device that likely lacks a lot of the connected features of my phone
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Yeah it will be interesting to see how it will be used. Knowing Nintendo, it won't just be used as a visual gimmick, but as a mechanic. But will that mean better games? We'll see.
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I saw lots of great looking (glasses-free) 3DTVs at CeBIT. The viewing angles were great and the picture quality was amazing; so I'm totally a believer in 3D tech now.
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I wasn't expecting Nintendo to reveal anything *prior* to E3, so this caught me way off guard. Anyway, they had this demo of a game that used the DSi cameras for orientation for a "3D effect", and I wonder if that's the concept for the 3DS.

Bummer. I really want to get the DSi XL due to the large screen, but now I have to WAIT and see what this 3DS will look like.
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I'm very interested to see what it does in the gaming industry. I think 3D has a lot of potential in the gaming space. Games like Warioware can very easily take advantage of 3D. I don't own a DS, but every time I've used one, I've enjoyed it. I'll definitely be paying close attention to this product.
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It seems like a move to further differentiate the Handheld consoles from smartphone gaming. I wonder though, If this will generate a lot of hype, but then under-deliver like the Wii did. It will really come down to third party developers, which is where Nintendo usually suffers.
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Just make Mario Kart 3D and Zelda 3D and I'll be happy.
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Just a wild guess from your profile pic, but you like 3D, right?
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The only bad part about 3D without glasses is not wearing goofy glasses anymore.
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I hope the 3D effect is achieved by head/eye tracking, kinda like this demo www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=Jd3­-eiid­-Uw

It should be possible to track the eyes instead of requiring silly headgear...
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buying it.
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So they're basically just adding 3D capabilities to the DS? I'm not a fan of the DS and do not like the dual screens. If they did away with that, then I'd be more interested.
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Can we call this 'Zombie Virtual Boy' instead? Virtual Boy will never die!
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Man, you wacky japanese over at nintendo.... now that all my friends are finally getting DS's for their kids, you come out with something else... you really want to launch this a year after the DSi XL launches???

I admit I am intrigued at seeing a GOOD 3D tech without glasses and I hope it becomes standard very fast as I do not look forward to ever using 3D glasses in my own home.... (the 3D package deal they had at Best Buy yesterday was $3,500 for a 55" Samsung LCD 3D HDTV with a 3D blu-ray player and a 3D starter kit [more glasses] holy crap thats a lot of dough!!) I think I will pass on this console for a while just like I did with the DS... I only bought the DS when they released the much better DS Lite and the amazing New Super Mario Bros. DS game and I don't regret it... speaking of which - give me 3D Mario, SSB, and Metroid!!!
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I wonder how (or if) it'll aggravate motion sickness.

If it does, I'm carefully checking which console the guy I sit next to / opposite on the train has.
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Can't we just get a DS with big, widescreen displays, a capacitive touchscreen, and Gamecube-level graphics?
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