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June 10th 2011 1:54 pm

What would the early 80's have been, without the Atari 2600?

I wasted much of my youth in front of that thing. I was awesome.

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I can just imagine being forced to sit around and read. Or watch TV. Or play outside. *shiver*
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No Demon Attack, no Kangaroo, no Jungle Hunt, no Yar's Revenge?!!!! I don't want to imagine such a world could ever exist.
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I think that system is responsible for me wanting to be an astronaut and pilot the Space Shuttle as a kid.

Space Shuttle for Atari 2600: www.atariage.com­/software­_page.html­?SoftwareLabelI...
Video review: www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=ZlpIw789EcE
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Whoa! I didn't realize you could get pins if you sent in photographic proof of your score to Activision. This must have been like the first video game achievement system ever!
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I remember being incredibly giddy as a kid when the SNES Pitfall remake had the original PItfall included as an easter egg.
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