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April 21st 2014 4:48 pm

Would You Rather: Samsung Gear Fit or the original Pebble?

Our review of the Samsung Gear Fit just popped up on the site today: (engt.co­/1raj773). Spoiler alert, our Brad Molen said that it's "a messy merger of fitness band and smartwatch."

If you're in the market for a smartwatch with a balance of fitness technology and everyday use, we have to ask -- would you rather pick up the Gear Fit or the original Pebble? (engt.co­/1pnisSo)

Pen your thoughts in the forum below or answer our poll. Just click on your answer:
Samsung Gear Fit: wedgi.es­/1mx0bzS
Original Pebble: wedgi.es­/1ralHKt

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Probably the original Pebble, though I find it hard to justify why I need a smart watch / wearable in the first place (caveat: my opinion will probably change in the future as we see more capable and intriguing devices).

Anyway, I think the Pebble has better cross platform support, it works with my phone (I always use RunKeeper to track my runs), and seems to have more potential in terms of apps and flexibility.

That said, I can see the desire for a wearable that tracks everything -- GPS, steps, distance, pace, etc without the need for having to bring my phone, Fitbit, a watch, etc with me when I run. But in this case, I'd probably just get some sort of Garmin watch to track this stuff.
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Pebble... but I'm biased because I'm a Kickstarter Backer
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I have the Gear Fit...Love it!
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Pebble, simply due to the fact that normal people only need to see who called or messaged and don't need a super screen or to answer calls with the watch when your phone is two feet from you. Pebble is all you need.
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definitely Pebble; either the original, or Pebble Steel... They're both awesome!
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I'm routing for the Pebble if I were to choose between the two. But I'd rather wait for the iWatch (if that's ever gonna materialize).
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Pebble all the way
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Pebble. There's an endless amount of apps that support it, making it offer a lot of functionality and compatibility with the apps on your phone that the Gear can't.
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Gear fit
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i was a pebble kickstart backer, but just sold my pebble last week and got a gear fit, love the added functions the gear fit adds in, color screen is gorgeous, battery life so far it as good as my pebble, but biggest thing was that pebble stopped paying attention to the android community and was slow to release updates and make the pebble 2.0 software work well with droids, so i have gone to a droid only smartwatch which i know will focus on droid development.
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I've cast my vote, so to speak: I have a Pebble watch. The Gear Fit is interesting, but I think the Pebble offers better value for the money. Notifications are more consistent, the battery lasts longer, and the price itself is lower. I think Samsung may need a third go-round to figure this out (and some additional competition).
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