Wii manufacturing costs ring up to just $158?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.15.06

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Wii manufacturing costs ring up to just $158?
We snuck a peek awhile back and found that Target itself was only making $12.50 per Wii it sold, and we knew the big N wasn't taking any losses on console sales at launch (unlike Microsoft and Sony), but is it really making money hand over fist? Per a shakily constructed Japanese comparison, it seems that Nintendo's brainchild is only costing $158.30 to manufacture, before you consider the Wiimotes and whatnot (not to mention marketing and distribution costs) that end up being bundled with it, while the 20GB PlayStation 3 clocks in at a whopping $805.85 (saywha?). Interestingly, there's a less-than-understandable $195.99 figure that mentions a "wholesale price," which could be a more realistic figure of how much Nintendo is shelling out when taking external costs (like Reggie flying all over the world) into the equation. Regardless, one thing's for sure -- Nintendo stands to make a sweet profit from the sold-out status its console is in, while Sony continues to fall deeper into a hole they hope will be redeemed with game / accessory sales. Of course, your Wii could end up costing you quite a bit more, especially if you don't have that recently-recalled Wiimote strap looked at.

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