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Sega Toys' unveils Movie Carrier camcorder for kids

Darren Murph

If you're tired of shuffling through the myriad of grown-up camcorders out there, or just want to get your up-and-coming kid schooled correctly in the realm of technology, Sega Toys' has your device. The 68 x 85 x 40-millimeter handheld Movie Carrier has all the markings of a clichéd holiday gift, but the one difference here is that this bad boy actually records full-motion video. Sporting a CMOS sensor, 4x zoom, 1.5-inch flipout monitor, SD slot, TV outputs, and a kid-friendly pink / blue enclosure, Sega's toyish camcorder records 320 x 240 resolution video and even still pictures in the form of AVI / JPEG onto the included 32MB SD card. While the image quality here is likely to be just marginally above pitiful, you're sure to acquire a few priceless (albeit pixelated) home videos letting this loose in the hands of a youngster, and hey, giving your favorite child the means to catch that oh-so-mischievous one red-handed will only run you ¥13,440 ($114).

[Via The Raw Feed]

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