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    Delphi's SkyFi3 portable XM radio recorder / DAP reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Now that the SkyFi3 is finally on the market and presumably safe from the RIAA / FCC, Delphi's jack-of-all-trades has been deemed a success -- at least mostly, anyway. The folks over at CNET were able to give the portable XM recorder / DAP hybrid a thorough once over, and they were fairly impressed with its functionality, but less than thrilled with its build quality and lack of an integrated receiver. Reviewers admired the "expansive and bright 2.8-inch display," 30 minutes of XM recording capacity, and the ability to playback your own MP3 / WMA files via the built-in microSD slot. It was noted, however, that the "budget build quality" left a lot to be desired, and the inability to listen to XM on the go without purchasing the "optional goofy headphones" was certainly not a strong point. The player, while not perfect, did perform as advertised, and was deemed a "flexible solution for home, car, and on the go for those who don't want to spend big bucks." But if you're looking to spend more time tuning in to XM Live on your daily run than in your daily commute, you may want to consider the lackluster "90 minute" battery life (when utilizing that oh-so-draining headphone receiver) before throwing down.

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