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Motorola's ROKR E2 reviewed: welcome, what took you so long?


Sure, the ROKR E1 musicphone never quite lived up to the hype. Not by a long shot. Still, don't count Moto out of the musicphone game just yet. Mobile Burn got their hands on the followup ROKR E2 and come away "really happy" from the review. For starters, this "solidly built" tri-band GSM / EDGE candybar features Motorola's new JUIX (a Java / Linux mashup) user interface which Mobile Burn swoons over due its new tabbed menus and overall speed. In particular, the address book has been improved "by leaps and bounds" over other Motorola phones. Even better, the much maligned 100-song cap in iTunes is gone, as is the iTunes software. Instead, a new "integrated player" (hint: it supports RealAudio) is used to playback music loaded onto your favorite SD card -- up to 2GBs now supported. Music sounded "excellent" with adequate bass and the dedicated music controls along the side of the phone worked well. And like all good musicphones, it features a standard 3.5-mm headphone jack for use with any off-the-shelf cans, an off-line mode for listening to music on an airplane, and the ability to play music in the background while using other phone functions. The keys were a "joy to use" with good tactile feedback and the 2-inch TFT screen was found to be "really sharp and bright." With such a positive review, all we can say is this: welcome back to the game Moto.

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