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South Korea hearts Full HD, Samsung and LG to square off at CES

Darren Murph

While we Americans tend to seem satisfied with the 720p / 1080i content that flows through our set-top boxes and ATSC tuners every single day, South Koreans are apparently up in arms over which TV truly is "the best." Sure, Mossberg says that 1080p isn't a big deal when scoping out a set, and even though Seoul's only chance at even getting 1080p content comes from gaming consoles and their highly-overpriced HD DVD / Blu-ray players, it's that "Full HD" sticker that (seemingly) counts. While Sony has apparently launched a marketing campaign that "insists its Bravia TV is the only one that meets the Full HD standards," both LG and Samsung are out to disprove that at this year's CES. Sammy is planning to unveil a trio of new plasmas alongside two new LCD HDTVs "under a new brand name" in hopes of shaking the bad image, with all units boasting about its 1,920 x 1,080 resolution; LG, consequently, is purportedly planning a similar attack, as it introduces three new Full HD models up to 60-inches in size and partners with Sega to loop some fun-filled 1080p content and hopefully wow the skeptics. While we don't know just how serious this battle's going to get, we're packing our of forms of protection just in case that buzzword barrage gets too heated to handle.

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