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iPod deemed a "criminal tool" in high school security breach

Darren Murph

It was essentially inevitible that Nintendo's Wiimote was destined to become a weapon of mass destruction, and while we've seen folks jailed and even killed over an iPod, even we're a bit hesitant to call the blunt object a "criminal tool." Still, that's precisely what a former Clay High School junior was purportedly using when he "hacked into school personnel and student files" and transferred sensitive information to his dubious Pod. After threatening to "open up a credit card in someone's name and ruin their credit," school officials began to investigate the situation, and were quite relieved when they discovered the breach before any of the data was used with ill intentions. Currently, no court date has been set for the youngster's criminal case, but considering all the grief being endured in order to keep those files from leaving school grounds, one just has to wonder what secrets could possibly be held in those potentially steamy "personnel files."

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