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Apple's Finger Tips walkthrough shows off more iPhone attributes

Darren Murph

What's a smelly line sitter to do but leech off a nearby WiFi signal and catch last minute content of the mobile they're about the snag? In case you've been following along, Apple has released yet another video walkthrough that carefully explains ten more niceties of the iPhone. 'Course, we can't imagine anyone (well, there's always an outlier) having trouble resetting their device, setting up a passcode, or deleting a text message, but the kind folks at Apple are showing you anyway. Additionally, you'll catch instructions on how to silence the ringer, create a favorites list, assign a ringtone, browse in Cover Flow, edit text, and set up mail preferences. Go on, check out the vid in the read link, we promise we won't tell anyone you're still miffed by the lack of a number pad.

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