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How would you change Pleo?

Darren Murph

Ah, Pleo. The world's freshest, friendliest and most unpredictable robot dinosaur. At first glance, it's hard to imagine changing anything about this bundle of cuteness, but for the loyal souls that waited through agonizing months of delays and kept the faith when everyone else was crying vaporware, we're sure they've got a few pointers for improvement. Granted, those who fell head over heels for this creature as soon as the first press shot surfaced may simply be thrilled to finally have one roaming around the backyard, but for demanding fossil collector, those sentiments aren't enough to satisfy.

Now that the holiday rush is over and normalcy is slowly returning, we're giving those mettlesome early adopters a shot at tweaking this blast from the past. How could UGOBE have made this prehistoric monster a bit more enjoyable? Maybe toss in some WD-40 for those über-noisy gears? What about throwing in a digestive system to take care of those crumbs the kids drop at supper? Or maybe just blessing it with an IQ slightly higher than a loggerhead turtle? Truth be told, even we think there's plenty to love about Pleo, but as you've seen, we've been stumped by its actions on more than one occasion. Thankfully, Pleo's maker is already on the ball with regard to updates, but who's to say you can't toss in some input for upgrades yet to materialize? Go on, be honest with yourself -- just make sure your dino is sound asleep before crushing its feelings, okay?

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