Things you should not do to your Pleo

We're really enjoying the Pleo manual's list of things you shouldn't do with your Pleo. Officially you should make sure you don't:

  • Abuse Pleo

  • Get Pleo wet

  • Throw, drop, or violently shake Pleo

  • Sit on Pleo

  • Place Pleo near heat or flames

  • Place Pleo in sand, soil, or mud

  • Leave Pleo with other pets or animals capable of biting or damaging him

  • Risk overheating Pleo by covering him with a blanket during play

  • Allow small children to play with Pleo unsupervised

So naturally we had to whip up our own supplemental list. We think you should never, EVER:

  • Let Pleo know where you keep the cash

  • Taunt happy fun Pleo

  • Let Pleo have more than two drinks

  • Divulge to Pleo Bush's famous secret family recipe for baked beans

  • Pretend that Pleo will love you back

  • Feed Pleo after midnight; get it wet

  • Attempt to housetrain Pleo by rubbing its nose in own e-xcrement

  • Call the cops, man, Pleo just needs a place to crash for the night

  • Punch Pleo, especially in the gut -- Pleo knows where you live

  • Let Pleo continuously check in and out of rehab

  • Remove skin, for this is the stuff of nightmares

  • Have Pleo spayed or neutered; Despite Bob Barker's incessant recommendations this will not stop the impending robot revolution

Leave your own below. Fear Pleo.