Things you should not do to your Pleo

Ryan Block
R. Block|12.04.07

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Ryan Block
December 4th, 2007
Things you should not do to your Pleo

We're really enjoying the Pleo manual's list of things you shouldn't do with your Pleo. Officially you should make sure you don't:
  • Abuse Pleo
  • Get Pleo wet
  • Throw, drop, or violently shake Pleo
  • Sit on Pleo
  • Place Pleo near heat or flames
  • Place Pleo in sand, soil, or mud
  • Leave Pleo with other pets or animals capable of biting or damaging him
  • Risk overheating Pleo by covering him with a blanket during play
  • Allow small children to play with Pleo unsupervised
So naturally we had to whip up our own supplemental list. We think you should never, EVER:
  • Let Pleo know where you keep the cash
  • Taunt happy fun Pleo
  • Let Pleo have more than two drinks
  • Divulge to Pleo Bush's famous secret family recipe for baked beans
  • Pretend that Pleo will love you back
  • Feed Pleo after midnight; get it wet
  • Attempt to housetrain Pleo by rubbing its nose in own e-xcrement
  • Call the cops, man, Pleo just needs a place to crash for the night
  • Punch Pleo, especially in the gut -- Pleo knows where you live
  • Let Pleo continuously check in and out of rehab
  • Remove skin, for this is the stuff of nightmares
  • Have Pleo spayed or neutered; Despite Bob Barker's incessant recommendations this will not stop the impending robot revolution
Leave your own below. Fear Pleo.
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