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Ethereal's HDMI/COAX extends 1440p up to 300-feet

Steven Kim

HDMI has taken over in the living room, but custom installers still keep component video in their bag of tricks, especially for long runs (HDMI repeaters notwithstanding). There's plenty of bandwidth in coaxial, and longer runs are possible -- witness the Ethereal HDMI/COAX box that converts your HDMI input to signal on 4-conductor coax, and then carries the signal up to 300-feet downstream to an identical box that stuff all the bits back into HDMI. These HDMI-over-coax solutions are just the thing if you've already got coax running through your walls, you don't want to introduce any unnecessary digital-to-analog conversions into your data chain, and you've put your source components far away from their destination. No word on pricing, but you should be able to get your mitts on these in about 4 months.

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