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Singulus sees Blu-ray being adopted quicker than DVD

Darren Murph

Here's the background: Singulus Technologies manufactures machines for optical disc production. It's not a research firm, and it's hardly in a position to assert that Blu-ray adoption overall is occurring at a faster rate than DVD was in its infancy. That being said, a recent release from the outfit is still worth eying, as its CEO points out that "orders for Blu-ray in the first year of the dual-layer technology already by far exceeded the volume at the start of the DVD eleven years ago." Granted, this simply means that Singulus is picking up orders for its BD machines quicker than it secured 'em for DVD machines -- heck, maybe the sales team is just more adept nowadays. Either way, it's an interesting piece that sheds a smidgen of light onto the adoption debate, but it's a far cry from being a total industry perspective.

[Via PS3Fanboy, thanks xdragon]

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