German Mac cloners: "We know our product won't last long"

We knew the loophole in German contract law that would-be Mac cloners HyperMegaNet claimed exempted them from the OS X EULA was too good to be true, and it sounds like they do too: in an interview with the New York Times, owner Dirk Bloessl says that although he doesn't "fear Apple," all Cupertino needs to do to shut his PearC machines down is label the Leopard retail box "to be installed only on a Mac" or even just point out that the license is available on the Apple website. Until that happens, Dirk says he'll be selling his hackintoshes to anyone who wants "a fast machine, but does not need a good looking computer," even though he knows "the product does not have a long life time." That's certainly more reasonable than the increasingly wild-eyed defenses mounted by Psystar, but we've got a feeling Apple's German legal team is going to crack down just as hard.