Microsoft delivers OneApp app framework for featurephones

Who said Microsoft's mobile strategy has to be limited to Windows Mobile? Redmond has just announced OneApp, a comprehensive framework for delivering apps on a variety of featurephones -- largely in emerging markets -- where processor horsepower and memory are both at a premium. The solution is deployed in harmony with partners (carriers, primarily) that work to offload app processing and storage into the cloud and keep the on-phone footprint as small as possible (Microsoft is quoting a scant 150K for the OneApp executable itself). At present, OneApp is up and running on South Africa's Blue Label Telecoms where subscribers have access to Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS apps among others; more launches are planned around the world "within the next year" at which point an SDK will be made available to devs who want in. Behind the scenes, the app is based on web standards -- think Palm's webOS -- and is currently compatible with a variety of S60-based Nokias, Sony Ericsson featurephones, and Samsung's U900 Soul. And no, don't worry, this isn't Windows Mobile 7.