Optoma's PK102 pico projector slims down, boosts connectivity

One thing's for sure: the obsession with pico projectors has certainly calmed since these things first hit the scene right around a year ago. Optoma's PK101 was somewhat of an industry poster child, so it makes sense to see the company outing a successor in hopes of catching the interest of those who held off on adopting early. Still, the predictably titled PK102 does little to improve upon the past, boasting the same native resolution (480 x 320), a 2,000:1 contrast ratio (up from 1,000:1) and the traditional DLP engine. On the plus side, it has managed to trim down ever-so-slightly, step up to 4GB of internal memory and add a few new connectivity options including a composite video input and a universal port capable of receiving VGA and component video signals. Best of all, the PK102 is available now for just $229, which pales in comparison to the $430 or so it took to snag the PK101 on launch day.

[Via PicoProjector-Info]