Sony UK site unveils new VAIO P with 2GHz Atom and Windows 7

Look, the upcoming VAIO X might be all fancy with its 11.6-inch screen and all day battery life, but Sony's not ignoring its original underpowered-and-overpriced funky laptop -- three new VAIO P configurations just went up on Sony's UK site today, all sporting Windows 7. The big news is that the top-end configuration will now sport a 2.0GHz Atom Z550, but there's also two low-end models with the 1.86GHz Atom Japanese P's have had for a while now but only the $2,000 Signature model carried Stateside. Apart from that we're not seeing much else -- this certainly looks like a modest Win7-related spec bump and not the rumored VAIO P mark 2. No word on pricing or US availability yet, but we're sure to find out more very, very soon.

[Thanks, Liam]