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Toshiba matches prices, ship dates to LED backlit REGZA LCDs in Japan


Toshiba is back and ready to make good on some of the higher end HDTVs promised at CES, after showing off the energy efficient C8000 REGZA LCDs, it's time for the 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio local dimming LED backlit ZX8000 (labeled SV670 in the U.S.) series. These also pack the latest edition of Super Resolution+ upconverting, ClearScan 240Hz motion and fifth generation Pixel Pure image processing. We've heard those picture quality claims and seen the (sometimes controversial) results before, but a few features anyone can appreciate are InstaPort HDMI for lagless switching between inputs and AutoView calibration for room lighting conditions. Add-on hard disk drives are also available, and the ZX8000 models are expected in late June / early July for 46- and 55-inch models topping out around 600,000 ($5,944.) Willing to live without LED backlighting, 240Hz or other bullet points? The ZH8000, Z8000 and H8000 models are ready and waiting for appropriately lower prices.

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