Microsoft CFO says 'we'll have much more to say' about WinMo 7 in February

Every indication we've had out of Microsoft is that Windows Mobile 7 is on track for a grand unveiling at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, and indeed, Fox Business has none other than CFO Peter Klein on record saying as much -- the closest thing we've had to a confirmation outside of Robbie Bach's analyst remarks a few weeks back. At the 4:07 mark of the video, Klein says that the company is "heads down" on WinMo 7 and expects to have "much more to say" about the product out in Spain, which would mark the one-year anniversary since the announcement of 6.5 at the same venue. Considering the brutal response that last version endured over the better part of 2009, let's hope they're coming to the table with something much, much more delicious this time around.