Engadget Podcast 199 - 06.04.2010

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Conferences. Trade shows. Exotic locales. Special guests. Tablets. Fish legs. Tablets. Fish balls. Tablets. You know the drill.

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Guests: Joanna Stern, Darren Murph
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Boys Don't Cry

Hear the podcast

00:02:38 - Engadget dines at Taipei's Windows 7-themed restaurant (video)
00:06:05 - Windows 7 tablet roundup from Computex, nay Tabletex
00:07:03 - Microsoft's Guggenheimer dismisses Android on tablets as 'an experiment'
00:09:05 - Microsoft reveals Windows Embedded Compact 7 at Computex, hosts heaps of tablets
00:10:40 - Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 explained, trial download now available
00:12:10 - Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 not planned to hit tablets, Courier was always a concept
00:13:00 - NVIDIA CEO says Android is an OS to 'unite behind,' will be better tailored to tablets this Fall
00:13:40 - Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 tablet prototype preview
00:14:20 - Samsung Galaxy Tab revealed
00:17:10 - MeeGo Moorestown-powered tablet preview
00:18:40 - Pixel Qi introduces tablet-ready screens, we go hands-on (video)
00:23:40 - Exclusive: LG UX10 tablet preview at Computex
00:39:46 - Intel demos Android 2.1 on Moorestown smartphone (video)
00:41:45 - Qualcomm ships first dual-core Snapdragon chipsets clocking 1.2GHz
00:45:47 - Labor practice protest goes down at Computex, Steve Jobs called an 'OEM profit bloodsucker'
00:54:40 - Steve Jobs live from D8
01:02:57 - Steve Jobs' D8 interview: the video highlights (updated)
01:03:38 - Steve Jobs on Foxconn: 'We're all over this'
01:05:52 - Steve Jobs on lost iPhone 4G prototype: it's an 'amazing' story
01:14:45 - Steve Jobs on TV: 'no one wants to buy a box'
01:24:55 - Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie live from D8
01:25:06 - Jobs: The PC is a truck. Ballmer: There's a reason they're called 'Mac' trucks.
01:27:00 - Steve Ballmer at D8: the video highlights (updated)
01:38:38 - Kno dual-screen tablet appears at D8, we go hands-on

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