LG showing off even thinner production LCDs at IFA 2010?

LG's latest 3D LCDs have only just rolled out, but according to I4U it will have new Nano Full LED models to show off at the IFA tradeshow in September, that bring production HDTVs even closer to the 6.9mm thin concept we saw at CES (pictured above.) The 3D-capable TVs will feature LED backlighting with a "nano screen carrying micro lenses" that should be able to even more precisely control the light and eliminate problems like bloom, while making the panels just 7.8mm, with a 10mm bezel. Otherwise, we can expect Sharp to keep pushing its Quattron tech while Toshiba should finally be ready to show off production Cell TV models, so go ahead and get those tickets booked for Berlin on September 3, or at least check back here, we'll be on it.