Is this the Samsung NX100 interchangeable lens camera?

Samsung's been dishing quite a few pocketable cameras of late, but it seems as if its NX100 may have slipped out a few moments before showtime. The screen capture you're looking at above was snagged from the end of a new National Geographic promo video -- one that was uploaded on August 5th but has already been pulled back. Rumor has it that the white device there on the right is a forthcoming NX100, which would make it the latest in Sammy's promising NX line of interchangeable lens cameras. There's obviously no telling what kind of components lie beneath the shell, but the grab does give us reason to believe at least a few new lenses are also on the horizon. We'd say that this lines up nicely for an official reveal at Photokina, but you already knew that, didn't you?

Update: And now we're hearing that the NX100 will make its official debut at IFA in just under a month. Huzzah!