Google sells out of Nexus Ones for devs, 'working hard' to get more; SLCD not alleviating backorders yet

The Nexus One retail situation has been pretty dire since Google humanely put down its own online store, leaving only paid developers with an easy option to get an unlocked unit (and only an AWS 3G version at that). Now, even that's been taken away -- at least temporarily -- thanks to unexpectedly strong demand that left Google to "blow through the (substantial) initial inventory in almost no time" and run up a backorder with HTC. Interestingly, Google specifically points out that HTC is doing a good job with manufacturing despite the AMOLED shortage, which leads us to wonder whether the SLCD version is shipping in quantity yet -- and considering how the Nexus One and Desire are well into midlife, we wonder whether it makes sense to even bother at this point when we've got next-gen products just around the corner. Good news is that Google still seems committed to getting Nexus Ones back in stock for developers, we just don't know when that's going to happen.