PCD's $99 wireless streaming adapter will beam iOS or older-gen iPod nano content onto your TV

In case you've got some fundamental issue with Apple's upcoming AirPlay, or just a fifth-gen iPod nano you're unwilling to part with, here's a handy little adapter for you. Produced by Cywee and likely to be sold for around $99 by PCD in the US, this RF streamer plugs straight into your iDevice's dock connector and then beams video, pictures, games and the like over to its nearby base station, which in turn hooks up to your television by a set of RGB cables. Any app that utilizes Apple's video output API is a candidate for having its visuals sent over, though resolution is unfortunately capped at 480p and you'll need line of sight at a distance of no more than 15 feet for everything to work correctly. Just to make sure we're all appropriately underwhelmed by its current product, Cywee promises an 802.11n WiFi variant that'll handle 1080p and output via HDMI for next year. Great, we'll just wait for that one, why don't we?