CyWee brings its 3D game controller and streaming media device to CES

It looks like that CyWee Z game controller that Engadget Chinese got its hands on a couple months ago will be showing its face at CES this week. Essentially a 3D USB mouse, the device utilizes a dual-axis gyroscope -- the first game controller to do so, according to the company. This guy can be used either straight up (for that classic Wiimote vibe) or folded into the rough approximation of a gun -- you know, for games where you shoot things. It's unclear whether or not the company's game console will be making the trip as well (we know how much you love off-brand Chinese game consoles!) but visitors to their booth can also expect to see CyWee X -- an 802.11n-based media streaming solution that delivers audio and video to your television in 1080p resolution. More pictures of the lovable device after the break.