Verizon launching '4G' smack talk campaign against AT&T

Never ends, does it? The top four carriers in the US love slinging mud, but the trash-talking between Verizon and AT&T is always particularly vicious -- and it's showing no signs of ebbing. As you might expect, Verizon intends to use its new LTE network as a weapon in the fight, and like both Sprint and T-Mobile, Verizon will be very loudly labeling it "4G" to the ITU's chagrin. The latest promotional posters compare maps of Verizon's combined 3G / LTE network with AT&T's 3G-only network, but considering how limited Big Red's initial LTE launch is, there really isn't much difference with what they've shown in the past. The posters also proudly proclaim Verizon as having "the fastest 4G network in America," which is false on at least one level -- LTE isn't really 4G, as we said -- and remains to be seen on another. At any rate, as always, it'll be interesting to see how AT&T responds. Nerd fight!

[Thanks, Kal]