LG pulls back, 'will evaluate' upgrading Optimus series to Gingerbread when specs and source code are public

You might remember yesterday's brouhaha over LG's seemingly false claim that Android 2.3 Gingerbread requires a 1GHz processor or better, using it as a justification for keeping an official upgrade out of the hopes and dreams of Optimus One owners around the globe -- but the good news is that it appears to have been a misunderstanding. Here's the official statement from LG:

"LG released information prematurely regarding the minimum processor upgrade requirements for the LG Optimus. Google recently announced the Gingerbread platform and has not yet published the Gingerbread Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) or the public branch open source code. Once the CDD and the source code is public, LG will evaluate the upgradability of the Optimus Series. We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding. We will alert you as soon as more information on this topic is available."

So they're taking responsibility for jumping the gun and have committed to "evaluating the upgradability" of the Optimus line once Google's published Gingerbread's official requirements and turned loose the source code. Of course, it's possible they'll ultimately find another reason for keeping the phones stuck on Froyo -- but for now, we've got a sliver of hope.